December 15, 2021

6 Ways To Make A Knee Scooter More Comfortable

Written by: Andyessy Chioma

A knee scooter can bring so much comfort, especially if dealing with leg injuries.
Some people refer to it as a lifesaver. The fact that it is not as stressful as using crutches is very comforting.
But that doesn’t mean that knee scooters don’t come with their complaints.
With a bit of tweak here and there, the discomfort with your knee scooter will no longer be there.


Here are 6 Ways to make your knee scooter more comfortable:


Choose the right knee scooter

It's true that knee scooters are designed to help ease moving around with an injury but its best to choose the right model according to your needs.

Some knee scooters work perfectly well when indoors but not when outdoors. In such a situation, the wheels of the scooter come into play. The wheels of the scooter ride over leveled and smooth surfaces when indoors. So, the wheels might not pose a problem.

But if you will be using the knee scooter outside, you should go for the one with a sturdy wheel like an all-terrain scooter. This will protect your knees from feeling the vibrations when you ride on bumpy or rocky paths.

Such tires are filled with air to absorb shocks that would have been sent to your knee.

Do bear in mind that an all-terrain scooter can leave scuff marks on tile floors or hardwood when used indoors. This is why you should only go for it if you often use your knee scooter outdoors.

In choosing the right knee scooter, make sure that it can carry your weight. If you are in the market for one, you can check this guide for the best knee scooters for broken foot.


Maintain a proper posture

The way you position your knee and body when using a knee scooter plays a significant role in how comfortable the scooter can be.

The ideal thing is that the knee scooter should adjust to your posture and not the other way round. So, when adjusting the scooter, make sure that it is set in a way that you are comfortable with.

With the correct posture, you get to have an easy ride when using the knee scooter. You will not experience back pain while using it and after. You also get to ride it for long without discomfort. And most importantly, you get to enjoy a relaxed ride.

To ensure you maintain the proper posture, make sure you are not bent over the knee scooter. Aim for a 90-degree angle while keeping a straight back.


Adjust the Handlebar

Before even using your knee scooter, you should ensure that the handlebar is adjusted to suit your height.

There is nothing like a one-size-fits-all when it comes to the height setting of your knee scooter. The discomfort you may be feeling may disappear once you set the handlebar correctly.

If you notice that you hunch over your knee scooter, it means that your handlebar is not set correctly. And this is why you experience back and hip pains after using your scooter.

Another thing you will notice is that you get tired quickly.

Therefore, to ensure your handlebar is set right, it should be at the same level as your waist.

You can get some softcover for your handlebars, and this will protect your palms from blisters when you use the knee scooter for a long distance. When choosing a cover, go for the non-slip grip cover.


Adjust the knee rest accordingly

The knee rest of your scooter should be adjusted to the proper height. This refers to the area where you place your injured leg.

To achieve the correct knee rest height, the bent injured side should be the at the same knee height as the good leg.

If the knee rest is too high, it will put some strain on your knee, and you will have difficulty resting your good leg on the ground. Tipping over may become a frequent occurrence.

And when it is set too low, you cannot walk comfortably with the good leg. Your balance will be completely off.

With a well-adjusted knee rest, you get to enjoy your knee scooter without pains.


Scoot with safety in mind

Do not ride carelessly when using your knee scooter, especially with an orthopedic scooter.

The knee is healing and does not need to undergo too much work.

Make use of dual braking when riding on the road, sidewalks, or making a sharp turn. That way, you get to remain in control. This is more important if you are yet to get used to your knee scooter.


Get a knee pad cover

With a knee pad cover, you get to enjoy a softer landing, and your knee will rest more comfortably.

Therefore, if your knee rest pad doesn't have enough cushioning, you should consider getting a pad cover.

Some people are unaware that the pain they experience when using their knee scooter is because of worn-out knee pad cover.

When choosing a knee pad cover, look out for those with foam padding and good air-wicking technology. It will protect your knee from sticking to the knee rest, as well as maximize air circulation.


Extra tips to make your knee scooter more comfortable:

  • Replace parts that are worn out
  • Read manufacturers instructions before using your knee scooter
  • Wear comfortable shoes when using the scooter
  • Do not exert yourself; take short trips instead


With knee scooters, you can continue to enjoy your life without limitations. It helps you get around even while healing from a leg injury.

With proper adjustment, you will maximize the benefit of using a knee scooter.

As suggested in this write-up, making minor adjustments will help with the pain you may be experiencing with your knee scooter.

And if in doubt, you can always consult your doctor for advice.


Article written by Andyessy Chioma
Andyessy Chioma is a professional and versatile freelance writer. She holds a first degree in Mass Communication and Masters in Communication. Her passion is to turn business readers into leads with interesting and persuasive contents. Andyessy has been writing professionally since 2010. Plus, she spent most of her career working with tabloids and radio houses as a news editor. At this point in her career, she is channeling her energy to helping business owners maximize profit through content. She is happily married with two lovely kids and another on the way!

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