About Us 

HealthCreeds is a site about gathering fundamental beliefs of health from different professionals around the globe. Health is interconnected and is affected by many factors, and with the advancement of technology and extensive research and studies being conducted today, the way we perceive health – our health beliefs, notions, understanding, and even opinions – constantly change. With the complexities and mysteries revolving around health, continuously learning from one another is a way to get a broader and more holistic perspective on health. New research is being put out frequently, that it's easy to miss out and hold onto old ideas. To give just an example, a doctor may tell you to use a pain reliever for muscle pain and wait for it to heal itself. When it never does, a physiotherapist might have a different approach and end up curing you completely. Someone with an M.D. (Medical Doctor) or N.D. (Naturopathic Doctor) as their credentials may have different schools of thought, but ultimately their goal is to nurse their patient back to normal.

When someone is an expert at one thing, it can be easy to disregard information outside their expertise. We want to remove that barrier, whether you may be a medical professional looking for new information or just someone who wants to look for different health aspects.
Our Mission
To gather a network of health professionals worldwide and be a credible source of information for people searching about health.
Our Vision
To inspire the medical community in working together in the search for truth. As long as a treatment is backed by research, we aim to remove the notion that one remedy is superior to another.