January 5, 2022

Should You Get a New, Used or Rent A Knee Scooter?

Written by: Andyessy Chioma

There was a time that when you sustained an injury that affected your foot, you would have to resort to crutches to help you move around. 

If you are like some other people, they would prefer to wait for the injury to heal instead of using crutches. 

And that means putting their life on hold.

Thankfully, those days are way behind us. 

Knee scooters are the way to go and hands-down the best alternative to crutches. 

They make maneuvering around more convenient, especially when you have an injury. No need to put off things you love doing when you can still get around with the help of knee scooters. 

A knee scooter is a medical device made to support you as you make your way to recovery after an injury.

Now that you know what it is, you may have some questions like: should I get a new or used knee scooter? You may also be considering renting it if it's available

We will get into that, but let's take a glance at why you should get a knee scooter.


Benefits of knee scooters:

  • Improves stability, mobility and is very comfortable
  • Can serve as a footstool or bench for rest
  • Strengthens muscles (some exercises can be performed on a knee scooter)
  • It can be easily folded for storage or transport
  • Not very invasive
  • Provides good stability for balance
  • Less fatigue
  • Easier to cope with than crutches
  • Helps with circulation 


Back to the topic on whether you should go for a new or used knee scooter or rent one, there are some things we need to point out to help you reach a decision. 


A New Knee Scooter


You won't have to rush your recovery

Usually, knee scooters are meant for short-term recovery. But the truth remains that not everyone will heal at the same pace. If you choose to go with a rental knee scooter, which is usually for 4-6 weeks, you will consciously or unconsciously want to hurry your recovery. But if you buy yours, you won't have to hurry but instead, focus on healing at your own pace. 


You are fully aware of what you are buying.

If you decide to go for a new knee scooter, you will have a lot of options to choose from. You also get to know the specification, warranties, or guarantees that they offer. That means that you decide on which to go for based on the information at your disposal. And the chances of you choosing the wrong one will be lesser. 


Best tailored for your needs and lifestyle

Another benefit of buying a new knee scooter is that you get to choose the one that matches your lifestyle. There are different kinds of knee scooters available, and you may not have many options to choose from if you were to go with a used or rent a knee scooter. For instance, if you love going to the mall, some knee scooters come with a shopping basket attached. And if you are an active person, an all-terrain model with larger wheels will be your best bet. 

You can always resell it

What better way to get a return on your investment than when you resell and recoup up to 50 to 75% of the amount you spent on a your knee scooter? That gives you more options to either store away the knee scooter when you are fully recovered, or sell it off for some cash.


Used Knee Scooter

While a used knee scooter may still serve you very well, there are a few concerns you should know about. This will help you make up your mind on whether to go for it or not.


Limited choices

One thing with used knee scooters, like most used things, is that you may not see many options. Not everyone is willing to sell their used knee scooter and that means that the ones you find may not match the length of your good leg, which is paramount.


There is no warranty

Unlike a new knee scooter, you cannot get a warranty with a used knee scooter. If there is any defect, or if the product gets faulty in no time, you have nothing to cover your purchase.


Even with all the concerns, buying a used knee scooter is much cheaper than getting a new one.


Renting a Knee Scooter



There is no doubt that renting a knee scooter instead of buying a new one will be cheaper. This means that if you only require the scooter for just a brief period, you can opt for rentals. That way, you won't have to spend so much money. This can be a great option when you know you'll just be needing it for less than 3 months as rental usually cost $100 per month. 


More advanced model

If you were to go for a knee scooter with advanced features like whistles and bells and other features, you might not be able to afford it. But when you rent, you may be able to get such knee scooter at a much affordable rate.

You could own it

Some knee scooter rentals allow users to buy the scooter. This happens when the person renting the scooter needs it for a longer period. So, you could extend the rental period or actually own the knee scooter if you so wish.

You get to rent for a period of time

Yes, when you know you may not need the knee scooter for long, you are better off renting one. This is one advantage of going for a rental knee scooter.


Does Insurance Cover The Cost Of A Knee Scooter?


The answer is, it depends. You will have to ask your insurance provider about their policy. If they do cover it, you also have to find a DME provider in your insurance network that can bill them.

Ensure that the knee scooter you're interested in has an HCPCS code, or there's no chance it will be covered.



Whether you opt for buying a new, used, or rent, one thing is certain – you will get the much-needed support for your aching knee or leg. 

If your budget is limited, you are better off getting a used knee scooter or renting one. And if you don't want to own one, this option is still your best bet.

However, if you can afford a new one, we advise you to go for it for several reasons. Apart from the warranty, you also get to choose the one that meets your specifications, model, and fit.

Article written by Andyessy Chioma
Andyessy Chioma is a professional and versatile freelance writer. She holds a first degree in Mass Communication and Masters in Communication. Her passion is to turn business readers into leads with interesting and persuasive contents. Andyessy has been writing professionally since 2010. Plus, she spent most of her career working with tabloids and radio houses as a news editor. At this point in her career, she is channeling her energy to helping business owners maximize profit through content. She is happily married with two lovely kids and another on the way!

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