December 4, 2021

Guide To Choosing The Best Swiss Balls

Written by: Andyessy Chioma

You may have heard of the term “Swiss ball” and wonder what exactly it is.

In this post, we shall be looking at what it is, the health benefits, the best products to choose, how to care for it and much more.

Let’s get right into it, shall we?


What is a Swiss ball?


Swiss balls are lightweight inflatable vinyl balls that come in different sizes and compressibility. Although known as Swiss balls due to their origin, they are also referred to as Exercise balls, Yoga balls, Stability balls or Maternity balls.

They are often used for work outs, physical therapy and for birthing purposes. There are a lot of ways you can make use of a Swiss ball.  In fact, you are only limited by your imaginations.

They can be used at home or taken along to the gym.

Quick Comparison Table of the Top Swiss Balls


What are the benefits of using a Swiss ball?

Using a Swiss ball engages multiple muscle systems so that the body works in togetherness instead of as separate parts.

Here are some ways you get to benefit from using a Swiss ball:



One way to improve your flexibility is to work out with a Swiss ball. You can achieve this when warming up or stretching down after a workout. The ball helps to keep your joints and muscles functional. And when you are flexible, you cannot sustain injury easily.

If you are into yoga, you will find that using this ball during your routine will allow you introduce a range of movements and motions.



When you sit on a Swiss ball, you engage the back and abdominal muscles. If there are imbalances there, the ball will help in smoothening it out. It does this by forcing your body to support its weight so that you can achieve stability. Just like flexibility, you get to a more balanced core that guards against injury.


Strengthened Core

The lower back and abdominal muscles are often referred to as the core. They act as protection for your lumbar spine and for core stability. You use these muscles in your daily activities like when lifting or reaching for something. With the help of a Swiss ball, you can strengthen your core for a more stabilized pelvis and shoulder. A strong core will help you easily carry out daily activities without much effort.


Active Sitting

Some people spend the better part of their day sitting down. And continuous sitting has been linked to several illnesses. This is why significant research is ongoing on how people can maximize the time they spend sitting down. Too much sitting can strain the back, cause hip and lower back stiffness. The core is also not left out. But replacing your chair with a Swiss ball from time to time will help you engage the right muscles so as to prevent some of these cases.


Easier Pregnancy

Pregnant women can use Swiss balls to workout, especially for the floor muscles. Not only is a strong pelvic floor muscle beneficial during labor, but also in preventing urinary incontinence. Also, as a pregnant woman progresses, she begins to experience lower back pain. But with a Swiss ball used in place of a chair, she can achieve proper sitting for better support. There is a belief that sitting on a ball can help a baby position properly in a cephalic position. A Swiss ball can also encourage more blood flow to the placenta and uterus for a healthy baby.

However, before using a Swiss ball in pregnancy, you should first consult with your physician.


Our List of the Very Best Swiss Balls


  1. Anti-Burst Swiss ball 2000-Pound Capacity from BalanceFrom

First on our list is the slip-resistant and anti-burst Swiss ball from BalanceFrom. This ball serves as both a yoga and exercise ball. It is made with durable and thick material that can hold up to 2000 pounds weight.

Featuring a tasteful design, this Swiss ball comes with a free pump so that you can set it up easily and ready for use.

You don’t have to worry about slipping off as it is made with a slip-resistant technology to ensure you are safe and secure while using it.

The BalanceFrom Swiss ball is strong enough to withstand rough use even from dogs.

And if you hate those awful plastic smells that balls come with; you will love this odor-free exercise ball.

No guess-work needed as the included measuring tape will ensure you inflate it to the perfect size.

It is very comfortable and useful for physical therapy, as chair-substitute or for birthing.

With a soft damp cloth, you can get rid of any dirt on the ball without stress. The best part is that it does not contain any phthalates or heavy metal materials.

The size dimensions are S (38-45cm), M (48-55cm),L (58-65cm),XL (68-75cm) and XXL (78-85cm).

All BalanceFrom balls come with 2-year warranty for a worry-free purchase.


  1. Trideer Extra Thick Swiss ball

Looking for an extra thick Swiss or exercise ball? Trideer5 sizes yoga ball is what you need. It is suitable for physical therapy, pregnancy/labor support, as a ball chair, and for balance. Perfect for when you want to achieve better posture when sitting in the office or at home. What is you get is relief from back pain as a result of bad posture.

Designed after honey comb, the Trideer Swiss ball is not just anti-burst, but does not deflate quickly. It is equally burst resistant and guards against injury from fall. Additionally, it features premium slip prevention making it a great option for yoga, Pilates, pregnancy workout and other low-impact exercises.

Made with top quality materials, what you get is a weight-tested ball that can withstand up to 2,200 pounds. No presence of heavy metals and BPA as it is made with non-toxic PVC materials. Added to the pack are 2 air stoppers and a foot pump for quick inflation.

This durable and bouncy Swiss ball comes in 5 different sizes of 45cm, 55cm, 65cm, 75cm, and 85cm to suit whatever purpose you need it for. Although anti-burst, you should not have your pets poke this ball with their sharp claws to prevent damage. Also, like most exercise balls, you should keep it away from wooden furniture, woodwork or painted walls.


  1. URBNFit Swiss, Pregnancy, Yoga and Fitness Ball

The URBNFit Swiss ball is another exercise ball that is made with high-quality PVC material. Just like other Swiss balls on our list, this one is also anti-burst and anti-slip.

Suitable for stability during pregnancy workout or for posture correction, the URBNFit yoga ball does not disappoint. While it is durable, this ball can only hold up to 600 pound weight. But it can withstand pressure up to 2,000 pounds.

Not only can it be used for workout, it serves well as a fitness ball chair that you can use at the office or home. You won’t have to worry about slipping off because it features a non-slip glaze to ensures you have safe and proper grip.

If your target is to improve posture or get some relief from back pain and improve core strength, this is an excellent fitness ball for it. The Swiss ball comes with a dual-action ball pump for quick pump and deflation.

The URBNFit Swiss ball comes in different colors and shapes of 45cm, 55cm, 65cm, 75cm and also 85cm.


  1. ProElite Power Systems Swiss ball

This model of Swiss ball from ProElite is their most durable exercise ball, yet. It is made of thicker-guage and heavier PVC material. With its dimple surface, you can rest assured that this ball will resist deformity, puncture, or losing shape.

Get ready to experience a full 360-degree use whether in a private or public gym. And with the accompanied tape measure, you can easily tell when you have inflated it to the right volume.

You can find it in various dimensions of 45cm, 55cm,65cm, and 75cm. Just like the URBNFit Swiss ball, the ProElite Power Systems Swiss ball also comes with a measuring tape for proper inflation and deflation.

And like all the Swiss balls contained in this article, this ball is durable and strong to withstand up to 600 pounds. It has a ball resistance of 1130 pounds and deflates slowly. The material is high-grade PVC to ensure you get the best out of your ball.

Useful for various fitness goals, the ProElite Power Systems Swiss ball can help in achieving abdominal strength, balancing, physical therapy, pregnancy fitness among others.


  1. DynaPRO Swiss ball

The DynaPRO Swiss and Exercise Ball is another extra thick yoga ball for multipurpose use. It is anti-burst and can support more than 2200 pounds of weight. When searching for a workout ball, you need to be sure that it is made with eco-friendly materials like the DYNAPRO Swiss ball.

This ball offers good stability and support, especially for pregnant women when working out, or performing yoga. You can use it in your personal or public gym without having to worry about it bursting. It features a thickness of exactly 2275 micrometers so that it is not easily susceptible to piercing.

And yes, it also comes with a hand pump like all the Swiss balls we listed on this post. You will have it up and ready to use as a chair to correct poor posture. Its non-slip ribbed design stays in contact with your skin so that you don’t slip off while using it.

Worried about choosing the right ball size for your intended use? It comes with a size guide to help you choose just the right size. It comes in four different sizes: 45cm, 55cm, 65cm and 75cm. The company is based in the US, and has certified trainers to help you with any question you might have.

How to choose the best Swiss ball

The right Swiss ball for you will depend on your goals and also height. Most sellers will have a size chart to help you make the right choice. But typically, if you are 5ft 8 inches (1.73m) in height, you will do well with a ball size of 65cm. If your height is 5ft 9 inches (1.75m) or taller, you can go for a 75cm ball. You should equally look out for the weight capacity of the ball to ensure it can withstand your weight.


How to care for your Swiss ball


It is true that the balls mentioned in this post are all anti-burst, but, it does not mean that you should throw caution to the wind. You should always store your Swiss ball safely. It should be a place free from sharp objects.

Preferably, you should have it in a place where you won’t trip on it. And most importantly, you should avoid using or storing it where you have furniture or wood. Constant use of the ball on your wooden floor might ruin the floor. It’s best to store your Swiss ballin a cool, dry place.


By now, you know what Swiss balls are and what you can do with them. While Swiss balls may be inexpensive compared to the benefits they offer, you should always make sure to go for the best. And since it can be challenging searching for the right ball, we took it upon ourselves to research and come up with our list.

The five products mentioned in this article will ensure you are well on your way to achieving your aim of getting the ball in the first place. There is no more excuse on why you can’t stay active. Swiss balls can come in handy in many ways than one.



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