April 2, 2021

Guide to Best Wobble Board Reviews

Written by: Syed Naqvi, MBBS
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What is a Wobble Board?

A wobble balance board is a type of balance board having a flat platform with an unstable base. There are many different types of balance boards, namely wobble board, rocker board, spring balance board, and roller board. Wobble boards are attached with a bowl-shaped base that allows omnidirectional 360o movement, while rocker boards are attached with a semi-circular base that allows for motion in one plane only (either front to back or side to side).

A spring balance board consists of a flat platform placed on top of a spring and can be tilted in all directions. A roller balance board consists of a flat platform placed on top of a roller. It is one of the most difficult types of balance boards to master. The simpler ones among the balance boards are rocker board and wobble board. While rocker boards are fairly easy to use and can tilt in only one plane, the wobble boards bring in some challenge and more fun to master.

Research has proven that standing still for prolonged periods of time leads to an increased risk of leg swelling due to incompetency of veins in the legs due to increased pressure in the veins. This increased pressure in the veins leads to leakage of fluid from the vessels which accumulates in the small spaces (ie, interstitial spaces) between the cells. This accumulation of fluid manifests as pain and discomfort in the legs and can eventually lead to venous ulcers and infections. In normal cases, our leg muscles (especially the muscle soleus) work as a second heart and push the blood back to the upper body when they contract. With prolonged inactivity, the blood may accumulate within the veins of the legs especially while standing due to the attractive force of gravity. Wobble boards are effective in the sense that they keep the leg muscles working, hence pushing the blood back into the heart and avoid the accumulation of fluid. Moreover, wobble boards have extensive utility in balance training and for rehabilitation after ankle and knee injuries.

Quick Table of The Best Wobble Boards in Our List

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Wobble Board Benefits

There are many benefits of a wobble board. Since it involves active physical work, its benefits coincide with those of active exercises. Moreover, wobble boards incline more towards the balancing exercises. Hence, they play a vital role in building balance, maintaining coordination, and improving the posture of the body. We have summarized a few benefits for your reading to help you understand the utility of these devices.


Weight Loss:

While balance boards are more commonly used for balance training, posture adjustment, and prevention of injuries, any kind of physical exercise helps in burning those calories that you might be consuming. Standing on the wobble boards is likely to keep your leg muscles busy. Active muscles consume more energy and hence require more nutrition to continue working at their optimal performance. This increase in energy consumption can lead to a more robust and active metabolism of the body. A study[1] carried out in 2018 revealed that using balance boards while working increases energy expenditure as compared to sitting. The same study revealed that fatigue increased between 10 to 20 minutes while sitting or using a balance board but leveled off between 20 to 30 minutes. On the other hand, fatigue increased progressively on standing. This explains why using a wobble board while standing may be more beneficial than standing still without a wobble board.

Although the energy expenditure increases while using wobble boards, this should not be replaced with active exercise since the energy expenditure with active exercise is more robust and effective. However, what is the harm in doing a fun wobble board exercise? You are basically burning calories while being productive at the same time.


Increases Bone Mass:

Any kind of physical exercise helps in building bone mass. Physical exercise put stress on the bones and the muscles. The body counters this stress by stimulating an increase in bone and muscle mass. An increase in bone mass decreases the risk of osteoporosis and fractures associated with falls while an increase in muscle mass helps in building strength, stamina, and coordination.


Posture Adjustment:

Using a wobble board requires you to adjust your posture while standing still. It helps strengthen the hips, knees, and ankles while engaging your core. Most of the muscles that help in maintaining a good posture are active during balance training on a wobble board. With regular balance training, these muscles will eventually become strong and start helping with the posture as well. In the long term, this is a very effective method in adjusting your posture and avoid the complications of bad posture, for example back and neck pains.


Balance Training:

Balance training is probably one of the most common reasons why a wobble board might be used. Studies have shown that as we age, our bodies become less capable of maintaining balance and may lead to an increased risk of falls and fractures. These people have weak proprioception. Proprioception is the ability of our bodies to sense their position in a three-dimensional space. It is basically how you know where all your limbs are while your eyes are closed. Falls are one of the common causes of disability and death in the elderly population. This signifies why proper balance training is vital to a healthy and prolonged life in old people. Balance training specifically helps in improving proprioception and spatial cognition[2]. Jogging is an effective way to counter the imbalance issues however, jogging itself is quite a strenuous activity especially for the elderly population, and may end up increasing the risk of falls initially. Old people may prefer a relatively safe and fun activity initially to help with their balance. That is where wobble boards come into use. They are fun, safe, and extremely helpful in helping with balance.


Injury Prevention:

While wobble board training may have an indirect benefit in preventing injury by improving coordination and spatial cognition, it also helps in preventing ankle sprains by strengthening the ankle joint. A study was conducted which showed that proprioceptive balance board training is helpful in preventing ankle sprain recurrences [3].


Improves Memory:

Any type of physical activity can be linked to improved memory and cognitive functions. A study [2] conducted in 2018 showed that balance training improves memory and spatial cognition. It has been proven that physical exercise improves concentration, alertness, and memory. Surely, a healthy body keeps a healthy mind.


Suitable for All Ages:

Since wobble board training can be categorized as low-impact training, it is suitable for all ages. As we age, our joints tend to degenerate, and participation in high-impact training, for example running, becomes difficult due to an increased level of stress on the joints. Wobble boards are ideal for such populations who require a certain degree of activity in their lives while keeping the risk of joint pains at bay.


Best Wobble Board Reviews

Choosing the wobble board that works best for you is a tedious task. There are limitless options, and you will have a hard time looking for that one perfect wobble board that fits your needs. A lot of things need to be considered: what is the material of the board? Is the platform made of anti-slip material or not? What is the weight limit of the board? Can my kids use it? In short, there are some questions that pop up in everybody’s mind. We have done the research for you. Listed below are a few wobble board options that might be exactly what you are looking for.

1) Fitterfirst Professional Balance Board


Bring some activity in your daily life with the Fitterfirst Wobble Board. It is a wooden wobble board that comes in two sizes, a 16-inch board, and a 20-inch board. You can adjust the sphere to 10, 12, and 15 degrees (for the 20-inch board) and 15, 17, and 20 degrees (for the 16-inch board). With a slip-resistant surface, you can easily use it with either shoes or barefooted. However, we do not advise use with socks as we have found that it tends to become a little slippery and unstable with socks on. For beginners, we recommend the 20-inch board to get the feel of the balance board and learn to stabilize yourself. However, if you are looking for some challenge, you can go ahead and buy the 16-inch balance board which gives steeper tilt angles and will be suitable for advanced users. The board supports a weight of up to 350 lbs and is made with sturdy material to last for years.


2) Amazon Basics Wood Wobble Exercise Balance Board

This Amazon Basics product combines utility with affordability. It is an excellent board for patients undergoing rehabilitation, not to mention all the fun you’re having while learning to balance yourself on an unstable platform. Its solid wood platform can support up to 265 lbs of weight and has a non-slip surface to prevent any unexpected fall. However, you do need to be careful about the plastic base which is more slippery than other balance boards and may not be very stable on a carpet or hardwood. It offers a wide degree of tilt and you can twist on it as well. The size of the platform may be a disappointment for a few people with large shoe sizes. However, with that price range and affordability, this product really gives you a bang for your buck!


3) EveryMile Wobble Balance Board

Portability, solid build, non-slip surface, and extreme amounts of fun – what more do you want, right? EveryMile Wobble Balance Boards checks all the boxes, not to mention it looks really good as well. With the addition of side handles, this wobble board is very easy to take to your gym or your office. It is compact and durable and supports weights up to 300 lbs. With a 360 degree rotation and 15-degree tilting angle, it is sure to give you a challenge while trying to balance yourself on the platform. The non-slip surface makes sure you don’t slip away while you are concentrating on balancing yourself on the platform. The strong plastic base might be preferred by users looking for a challenge since the plastic base makes the board very difficult to balance on as compared to other models with an air bladder. The side handles are also extremely useful for doing non-standing exercises, for example, push-ups, planks, etc.

4) IKARE Wobble Board

IKARE wobble board comes with portability, an anti-skid surface, and a high weight limit. Unlike other wooden wobble boards, it is made up of PP and TPE which makes it easy to wash. With a 360 degree rotation and 15-degree tilt angle, you are sure to get a lot of fun balancing on this board. We are not sure if the small massage spikes do lots of wonders while exercising but it is perhaps a nice touch. However, those massage spikes might feel uncomfortable if you are doing non-standing exercises such as push-ups. Just like other portable wobble boards on the market, the IKARE wobble board comes with side handles which makes it easy to be carried around. The base is really good for the indoors and you are unlikely to find the wobble board sliding away from underneath your feet.

5) Wooden Wobble Balance Board, Gentle Monster 35 Inch

While we understand that we are listing wobble boards in these reviews, we just had to add a review for this rocker board. It is that good! With rocking motion in one plane only, this is the perfect rocker board for your kids aged 18 months or older. It is an incredible tool for helping in the development of the vestibular system and the posture of your kids. Not to mention the fact that they are likely to be extremely fun for your little ones. Since it is for kids, we would advise that children use it under adult supervision. The weight limit is an incredible 480 lbs, so while it may be for your kids, do not hesitate to let out that inner child inside you and enjoy the rocker board yourself. Moreover, with that weight limit, it is a valuable device for more than one kid to use at the same time and join the fun. You can use it for multiple purposes: a seat, a bridge, a slide, or a lounge chair. In short, it is a perfect family rocker board.


6) StrongTek Professional Wooden Balance Board

This solid rocker board provides motion in one plane only (forward and backward or side to side). It is a robust wooden board with a durable design. The sandpaper-covered platform provides a very nice anti-slip surface. This heavy-duty board can hold up to 350lbs of weight and is ideal for users on the plus side. While it may not be as challenging as a wobble board, it is a great place to start for those who have not had experience with balance boards. You might need to look at other models if you are looking for a challenge. With its affordability, you can easily bring in an active lifestyle in your daily life.



Wobble boards are a type of balance board that provides an unstable platform for you to learn to stabilize yourself. It is a very useful device for users who are looking to bring a little bit of an active lifestyle in their indoors. Moreover, they are very useful for helping old people perform balance exercises to prevent the increased risk of falls that is usually associated with advanced age. Wobble boards have wide-ranging benefits including posture development, improving spatial cognition, and maintaining a physical lifestyle, not to mention the fact that they are much more fun than other active exercises. Wobble boards are incredibly helpful in making low-impact training exercises a part of your daily life. With the increasing rate of a sedentary lifestyle in today’s age, wobble boards are a way of bringing an active lifestyle in your daily lives if you cannot take out time for the gym or other activities to promote health and healthy living.


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Article written by Syed Naqvi, MBBS
Dr Syed Naqvi is a graduate of King Edward Medical University which is one of the top medical schools in his country. He has a 10-year editorial experience working on different projects. He has spent countless hours in pursuing his lifelong dream as a doctor. Ever since clearing his United States Medical Licensing Exams, he has been pursuing different aspects of medical education to broaden his scope. His interests lie in medical education, philosophy, and writing. He likes to write books for personal use and recently finished a 3000-page medical book. He likes to spend his free time reading philosophy, psychology, and medical books.

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